Chair 9 Update

Chair 9 is nearly complete, and the acceptance testing has been scheduled for Friday, January 27th to Monday the 30th. During this time, the new lift will be tested on all aspects of its performance and safety, and the 9 terrain will be at high risk for overhead hazards. For this reason, ALL LIFT 9 TERRAIN WILL BE CLOSED for approximately 3–4 days (Jan 27-30th).

While we expect this process to go smoothly, if any concerns come up during the load tests, Doppelmayr will need to perform additional maintenance and testing before opening the lift.

Load testing is expected to conclude on or before the 30th, and the terrain will reopen to the public at that time. From there, we will begin training lift operators to use the new equipment and implement any necessary adjustments/repairs to the lift. After the load test, the terrain will be open to the public, but the lift will not. Employees in uniform may be seen loading the lift for testing and training purposes.

Once all training and any deficiencies are addressed, we will open the new lift to the public. We anticipate opening day to be sometime in early February, and the official date will be determined around January 30th.

While we are very excited to have a state-of-the-art new lift, consider this as the last call to get out there and enjoy some of the solitude of our Chair 9 “hike-to” terrain.

A big thank you to everyone involved for the immense amount of work and time spent pushing this massive project toward the finish line. We are very nearly there.

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