2020 Telluride Summer Flight Schedule

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Summer Air

We hope everyone is healthy and hanging tough. It is good to see you out there as the first steps toward reopening have begun. It will be a slower process with the airlines as they develop protocols for both airports and aircraft, and look to restore travel confidence.

Our airlines have been great partners in working on a viable summer schedule, while trying to maintain as much of the original flight plans as possible. They are adjusting the schedules on a week-to-week basis, and as close in as the current month.

The May-Oct summer schedule is currently at about 50% of 2019 capacity, with that number still in flux depending on the speed of travel recovery.

To note, the baseline winter 2020-21 schedule is also live and in place, similar to 2019-20.

All schedules will be adjusted accordingly with COVID-19 developments. We will keep you updated.

Summer Schedule
Here is the quick summary, and you can find maps and details by Clicking Here.

•    DEN-MTJ:  2x daily until June 27, then 3x-4x daily

•    DFW-MTJ: May @ 5x weekly, 1x daily from June 4 forward

•    IAH-MTJ and ORD-MTJ:  2x weekly on Sat/Sun in July-Aug

•    DEN-TEX (Denver Air):  3x weekly in June (MWF), daily from June 27– Sept 9

•    PHX & SFO: summer hiatus, back in 2021

With the continuing changes, you may see flights in the booking systems that do not line up with the schedules above, with either greater or fewer options.

Stay strong and dream of travel!

Community Resources
Find all current COVID-19 information, including public health orders and announcements at San Miguel County.

The Telluride Foundation has been working diligently in the region, please click here for an overview of local and state resources, as well as to donate, .

The state Tourism Subcommittee has submitted a second round of recommendations with additional suggested support and protections for tourism related businesses, including flexibility under the CARES act and with state and local taxes. Additional federal aid is targeted for late-May/June.

The Colorado Tourism Office is helping coordinate communication, including a reference for talking points HERE.

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